10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Becoming an Exclusive Pumper (Guest Post at Swaddles n Bottles)

The reality of feeding your baby with only expressed breastmilk.Hi Readers! I am so excited to tell you that I shared my first guest post over at Swaddles n Bottles. Caroline had graciously shared an article that I wrote entitled “10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Being an Exclusive Pumper”

Exclusively pumping is a breastfeeding style where a mother feeds her baby expressed breastmilk through a bottle. This is the style that I used to feed my son, and I had a lot of trouble finding information on the subject. It is a great option for babies who don’t latch well,  babies that aren’t gaining enough weight from breastfeeding, moms who spend a lot of times away from their baby, or families that want dad to be more involved in the breastfeeding process. Caroline and I want to make sure that women are informed on this feeding option in case it might be a good fit for their families.


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“10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Being an Exclusive Pumper”

The reality of feeding your baby through expressed breastmilk



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19 thoughts on “10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Becoming an Exclusive Pumper (Guest Post at Swaddles n Bottles)

    • Way to go mama! I am in awe of any mom who successfully breastfeeds, but twin moms just amaze me. 🙂

  1. I did a lot of pumping too. Started out full time then it was about 50/50. It’s just really time consuming as you have to pump, feed, and wash al the bottles and parts. But I really liked the fact that I knew exactly how much my baby was eating. #GlobalBlogging

    • I felt exactly the same way. I love hearing about other moms who pumped more than breastfeeding because I felt like I was really alone in it. Thanks for stoping by.

    • It was a very challenging option, but it was better than nothing. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. I remember having to pump when I went back to work and so much of what you described happened. My supply went down, the inconsistency of how much I pumped, it was tricky. Some Moms cannot successfully breast feed, but can pump to get the same benefit. I say whatever works..good for you Mama. Thank you for sharing this post in the All For Mamas Link Party Week 8 #all for mamas. Please make sure you go over and comment on the hostess’ post (link is fixed) so that your post can be considered for the featured post and your post can be shared through social media. Stephenie – Blended Life Happy Wife

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I’m in the middle of a breastfeeding series called “Uniquely Fed” and this is just one of the many ways that we mamas can feed our babies!!! I am so glad that you shared these tips and I am going to share them with my readers too!

  4. Wow that is serious dedication. Well done in persisting. So many Mums feel like when they can’t breastfeed for whatever reason they must switch to formula, (not that there is anything wrong for Mums on this path) but it is great to see a post about another option. Exclusive Pumping is a massive commitment and I am glad that you did prioritise some sleep in there and not pump all night too 🙂 good on you for persisting, I very quickly gave up on the pump. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for your supportive comment. It was challenging, but I knew that I was doing it for my son.
      I hope that other moms can be more successful than I am with this option.

  5. I’m trying to get the whole pumping thing going (baby is 6 weeks), it’s harder for me to sit and feed when I have 4 other little ones running around. Trying to figure out some kind of routine is tricky 🙂 One of the kids always needs my attention. But I am working on it. Holding thumbs I get there! x #globalblogging

    • I bet that makes it much more challenging! You’re already doing a great job just by trying. 🙂 Good luck!

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