6 Steps to Save Big on Formula

If your little one is drinking formula, you have discovered just how expensive it can be! When I stopped breastfeeding, my son was drinking 45-60 ounces of formula per day, so I did a lot of research and shopping around. Here is the best way that I have found to buy formula in 6 easy steps.

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1. Sign up for a Target RedCard.

Target is my go-to store for all baby needs. Since you can order through their website, you don’t even need to have a Target store near you for this to be a great place to save on all things baby. Using a Target RedCard will save you 5% on every single purchase that you make. If you don’t want another credit card, you can sign up for the debit card option. There really is no downside. Click here to sign up now.


2. Find an Up&Up Formula that meets your baby’s dietary needs.

The last thing that you want to do is stock up on formula that you little one is not going to drink. Start out with the small package and make sure that it agrees with your baby’s tummy. If you want to know what to look for in a formula, talk to your pediatrician.


3. Click your formula below to buy a 6 pack of 2.25-2.5 lb containers.

A 6 pack of these containers is already a great deal over buying the name brand formulas. A 6 pack of 1.41 lb containers from Similac costs $155.94. The larger Up & Up containers come to $140.94 before discounts. You get 5.04 lbs more formula for $15 less!


4. Select “Subscribe to save 5%”

on the right hand side of the page, and select how frequently you think you would like to order formula. I generally go through 6 of these containers every 8 weeks or so. Don’t stress about the accuracy of your renewal because you can always change it. In fact, step #6 will tell you to do just that. By subscribing you have brought your price down to $133.89.

 5. Pay with your RedCard.

This will save you another 5% bringing your total down to $127.20 which is $21.20 per 2.25-2.5 lb container!

6. Watch for deals

Now, if you really want to save some $$$, watch for sales before your next shipment is due to process. When I bought formula last, there was a promotion going on for a free $20 gift card with $100 baby purchase. When you see these sales happening, you can go into your “my subscriptions” page on target.com and click “get it now.” You can make changes to your next subscription up to 3 weeks before it is scheduled to arrive. You will automatically receive any promotions that are happening when your subscription payment is processed.

If your little one is formula fed, you will know that the cost of formula adds up very quickly! Check out the best, least expensive, cheapest way to buy baby formula.

6 thoughts on “6 Steps to Save Big on Formula

    • Thanks, Theresa. Yes, there a lot of things for both home and baby that Target offers subscriptions for. I use that and Amazon Subscribe and Save for nearly everything.
      Thanks for stopping by

  1. You can save big on the brand names too if you sign up for their rewards programs! I am constantly getting $5 rebates from Similac and Enfamil! And ask your pediatrician for samples, we always leave our doctor’s office with a bag of free cans!

    • Our pediatrician never has the kind that we use. 🙁
      I am signed up for the reward programs as well, but I cannot ever find prices in my area that are as low as Up&Up even after coupons! Do you have a favorite store for finding low prices?

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