Backwards Hanger Challenge: Day 1

Do you have a closet full of clothes and still feel like you wear the same things all the time? I know I do!

In an effort to spring clean my closet, I have decided to start the backwards hanger challenge.

This morning I turned all of the hangers in my closet so that they are facing backwards (see picture), and I will turn them around as I wear each article of clothing. On April 30th, I will get rid of anything that I haven’t worn. Conveniently, I will clean out my closet just in time for rummage sale season!
Who’s with me?

4 thoughts on “Backwards Hanger Challenge: Day 1

    • True! That’s where the backwards hanger method comes in! You can easily see what you actually do wear without lying to yourself. Haha.

  1. I decided to try this after I saw your post! I really hate getting rid of clothes, so I’ve been trying to make new outfits out of the ones that I don’t usually wear so that I don’t have to get rid of them. I’ve made some pretty cute outfits for work that way!

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