4 Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcasts That All Moms Should Listen To

The ladies over at Stuff Mom Never Told You dive into some great women's issues - these are podcast that are #moms should hear. #momlife #podcast #parenting

I’m going to get my fan-girl-ing out of the way here, and just start by saying I love Stuff Mom Never Told You! Two intelligent, well-educated women talking openly about women’s issues that society doesn’t always spotlight. They focus on women’s empowerment is a way that is both educational and witty. It feels like listening to two of your very smart best friends chat. read more

Family Fun with the Harlem Globetrotters

The Original Harlem Globetrotters are on tour, and we had a blast seeing them play. Read all about it and get 25% off tickets of your own.

New Year’s Eve we had the pleasure of seeing the Harlem Globetrotters play at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee as part of their on-going tour. I have heard great things about the team, but had never seen them myself until now. We had a great time, and I will happily go see them in the future! Keep reading to hear a little more about our experience and get a discount code to see the team with your own family read more

Grocery Delivery from Amazonfresh (Amazonfresh Review)

Amazonfresh will delivery grocries right to your door for reasonable prices! Check out my Amazonfresh review. #amazonfresh #amazon #deals #momlife

When it comes to groceries, our home is on a pretty tight budget. That means that buying quality groceries at a good price is usually more important than the convenience of things like grocery delivery services. I loved using Peapod after my son was born, but the groceries came at a higher price than a trip to the grocery store, so I did not continue to use their service. Recently, Amazonfresh moved into our area, and I saw that they were offering $25 off your first order of $100. You all know that I count on Amazon to deliver great prices on my household staples, so I decided to check out this Amazonfresh service as well. Keep reading for my thoughts and Amazonfresh review. read more

5 Reasons I’m Okay With Being A Working Mother (Guest Post by Baby Brain)

Being a working mom can be rough, but there are many things that make it worth doing! #workingmom #workingmomlife #momlife

Hey all! Today I am excited to share another guest post with you. This one is from Sarah over at Baby Brain. Sarah is a fellow working mom, and just like all of us, she acknowledges that being a working mom comes with some downsides. (If you’d like to bond over those, check out my post 10 Things That Suck About Being a Working Mom.) Today we are going to focus on the upsides. There are definitely some great things that go along with the hardship. Keep reading to see Sarah’s post: 5 Reasons I’m Okay With Being A Working Mother. read more

10 Self-care Ideas for Mom in Only 20 Minutes

Moms take care of your families, homes, jobs, and everyone else...but what about ourselves? Here are some self care ideas for busy moms. #selfcare #busymom #momlife

Being a mom can be rough! It’s exhausting trying to take care of your baby, your family, your home, your job…and what about yourself? A lot of the time, taking care of yourself comes in last on a mom’s to-do list. Taking 20 minutes to have some mom time will make a huge difference in your mental health and happiness. Check out this list of 10 self-care ideas for busy moms. Find 20 minutes and give yourself a little treat. read more

Holiday Fashions for Baby, Toddler, and Kids from Born to Love

Born to Love offers baby fashions with a grown-up flair. Perfect for the holidays. #babyfashion #toddlerfashion #holidaystyle

I can’t be the only one who loves getting my little guy all dressed up for special occasions! Normally we go with the easy jeans or pants with a onesie and/or hoodie look, so when I have an excuse to dress Peanut up like a little man, I am all about it. Born to Love has a pretty great mix of grown-up fashion with a toddler flair. I teamed up with them to dress Peanut up for Thanksgiving and check out their site. Keep reading for my Born to Love review and some great toddler holiday fashion suggestions. read more

Uncommonly Cool Gifts from UncommonGoods

Looking for fun and unique gift ideas? Check out UncommonGoods. #giftideas #giftguide #holidaygifts

If you are looking for cool, unique gift ideas for anyone on your list, I suggest taking a trip over to UncommonGoods. The New York based company makes it their mission to support individual designers and artists, and about half of what they sell is handmade. The result is a fun range of products that make great gifts! Simply choose a category (for example, click here to see gifts for men or here for gift ideas for kids.) and start browsing. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Keep reading to see a few of my favorite picks from UncommonGoods Gift Section read more

How Do We Stop the Mom Shaming?

How many moms have felt judged or degraded for a parenting choice? Let's work together to stop the mom shaming. mom-shaming. #momshaming #uniteinmotherhood

The internet has made so many things in our lives easier. We have the ability to communicate and find information in an instant. We can share our lives with not only our loved ones, but with other people (other moms!) that we have something in common with anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, right along with the great resources, we also have the ability to very easily be unkind to people. The topic of mom shaming is one that many people have very strong feelings about. It’s something that we talk about often. It’s something that we are quick to jump on someone for. It’s something that we do all the time. I think we can all agree that it is something that needs to stop. How do we work together to stop mom shaming?  read more

Rebel Pine Coffee Review

Need gift ideas for a coffee lover in your life? Just looking to try some new coffee? Check out Rebel Pine! Great coffee with a great mission. #coffee #coffeelover #coffeeislife Rebel Pine Coffee Review

As a working mom, coffee is a life necessity. I am a black coffee drinker, so I really love trying new coffees to mix up the flavor a little bit. I recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Rebel Pine to try out their variety pack, and I am happy to tell you all about this great coffee from a great company. Plus, I have the inside scoop on their upcoming holiday deals. Keep reading to check out my Rebel Pine Coffee Review.  read more

prAna Review & Promo Code: Activewear for Active Moms

Check my honest prAna review and get an exclusive discount code. Great activewear for busy moms! Comfortable, versatile, and sustainable fashion. #mamainprana #momfashion #leggings

Before I became a mom, the term “active wear” sounded like the kind of clothing I would wear to work out. Now that I have a toddler, I would say that we are active all day everyday – playing, cooking, putting all of the pots back in the cabinet, cleaning, running errands, even watching TV now requires chasing after a rambunctious little one. Anything that I wear needs to be comfortable to move around in. At the same time, I don’t want to be sitting around it baggy sweats all the time. I was super excited to be able to team up with Moms Meet to try out prAna’s versatile line of activewear. Check out this prAna review to see what I loved about my pieces and why they are great activewear for active moms. Also, get my exclusive prAna promo code. read more