The Inspired Year Planner: A Busy Mom’s Best Friend

This Inspired Life Planner is made just to help busy moms stay organized and focused. It's great for scheduling, goal setting, and motivation! Check out this post and enter to win your own. Being a mom is a full time job! Add an actual full time job, blogging, and a side business on top of that, and you can probably understand the importance of organization in my life. I use a combination of digital and paper note taking to keep my life straight, but there is just something so satisfying about filling out a nice planner. I was really excited to team up with Kathy over at This Cherished Life to check out her Inspired Year Planner. Keep reading to see my thoughts on the planner and enter to win your own.

*please note – Kathy sent over this planner in exchange for a review, and all opinions are my own.

A New Kind of Planner

This planner is different than any other that I have ever seen before in that it really focuses on planning and not just scheduling! It is more of a combination of a calendar and a bullet journal. There are places to write out your goals and break them down into attainable, trackable steps. It is filled with self-checks and motivation. You can even set your own personal theme for each month to keep yourself focused in.

The one thing that I don’t use in this planner is the hour by hour schedule. Since I am at work 8:30-5 every day, that just isn’t how my time is broken down. I usually just write lists down my days or break the boxes up into social media profiles to plan my blogging posts. Either way, it is a nice feature for people who stick to a timeline each day.

Keep Yourself in Mind

One thing that is hard for any busy lady is the reminder to take care of yourself along the way. For those of us struggling with the work-life balance, it can be a huge help just to stop and think about it for a second. There are check ins within this planner that ask you to think about how fulfilled you are in the areas of self-care, family, play, and work.

Inspire Your Goals

As I stated before, the Inspired Year Planner helps you to break down your goals. There is a place for monthly goal setting, weekly goal setting, and daily focuses. Conveniently, there is space for three goals, so I break mine down into blog goals, wine goals, and personal goals. I try to remind myself to keep up with my personal growth along the way, and this planer definitely encourages me to do that! First of all, it is pretty and neat, so I am motivated to use the planner. The aesthetic and taking the time to write things down helps keep me calm. Then, sprinkled throughout the pretty pages are encouraging quotes and motivational check ins. Seeing these little reminders as I plan my days and set my goals really does help!

I would recommend this planner to any busy lady who could use a little more structure. It is nice and big, pretty, encouraging, and well laid out.

Check out this site here to snag your own!

Congratulations to Elicia for winning the Inspired Year Planner giveaway! The good news for the rest of you is that the Inspired Year Planner for 2018 is now available for purchase online.

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