Managing Beauty (Avon)

Avon Auto-Replenish

As you have probably seen, I am a huge fan of using subscription services to save money! That’s why I am so excited to share with you that Avon now has an Auto-replenish option for some of their best skin care lines. By simply subscribing for auto-replenish you get huge savings and free shipping.

Avon Skin So Soft Firm & Restore

One of the most common concerns when getting back into shape after baby is obviously recovering from the baby belly. Diet and exercise are the key to getting your shape back, but then you are left with the problem of stretched out skin. That’s where Avon comes in.

Everyday Avon Video Tutorial

Avon really does a great job of allowing women to feel beautiful with minimal effort and affordable products! Click here for a tutorial from Lauren Andersen for an everyday look that takes only minutes. You may even be able to manage getting this look done between the time you lay baby down and when he/she starts crying for your attention again! 🙂

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