10 Self-care Ideas for Mom in Only 20 Minutes

Moms take care of your families, homes, jobs, and everyone else...but what about ourselves? Here are some self care ideas for busy moms. #selfcare #busymom #momlifeBeing a mom can be rough! It’s exhausting trying to take care of your baby, your family, your home, your job…and what about yourself? A lot of the time, taking care of yourself comes in last on a mom’s to-do list. Taking 20 minutes to have some mom time will make a huge difference in your mental health and happiness. Check out this list of 10 self-care ideas for busy moms. Find 20 minutes and give yourself a little treat.

Here are 10 ideas for self-care for mom when you only have 20 minutes:

1. Paint Your Nails

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference in how you feel about how you are taking care of yourself. Before my son was born I ALWAYS had my nails painted. Now, it probably happens one or two times a month. When I do have them painted, I feel so much more feminine and put together.

2. Have a Glass of Wine

This is a great one if you want to have some time to yourself with your spouse. A glass of wine and some relaxation after the kids are asleep is a great way to wind down at night. There is always the option of hiding in the bathroom with a bottle if you want to have some wine and time to yourself. 😉

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3. Do a Quick Yoga Flow

Yoga can be great for getting a challenging workout…but it can also be a great way to calm your mind and relax your muscles. Doyogawithme.com has some great bedtime yoga sequences that will help you destress. There are also energizing flows to start your morning off right.

4. Give Yourself a Mini-facial

Who has time to go to the spa?? Try a brightening sheet mask, retexturizing peel, or just try out some new skin care products. A little pampering can go a long way. 

5. Read a Magazine

Remember the days of being 15 and laying in your bed with a teen magazine? Think about how fun and relaxing that was. Take 20 minutes to yourself, lay in bed (maybe with a cup of coffee or glass of wine!), and just flip mindlessly through the pages.

6. Listen to a Podcast

For moms who are too busy to find 20 minutes to spare – here’s a way to add self-care into your commute! Listen to a podcast in the car while you drive to work or out running errands. Stuff Mom Never Told You is one of my personal favorites, but there are a plethora of options out there. (I’d love to hear what other moms are listening too. Have a favorite podcast? Let me know in the comments!)

7. Watch a Sitcom

Most cheesy TV sitcoms are somewhere in the 20-30 minute range. Just the right about of time to sit back and have a giggle!

8. Go for a Walk

Here’s a way to cheat the system! You can have time to yourself, entertain a baby or toddler, and get exercise all at the same time. Put your little one in the stroller and go for a walk. They will have plenty to look at, so you can just clear your mind. You could even listen to a podcast while you walk for some added entertainment or educational value.

9. Call a Friend

Here’s another flashback to your teenage years! I don’t know about you, but my friends and I would just sit on the phone and talk for hours at a time. Now, it’s rare to have an actual conversation with one of them – you know, the kind that doesn’t involve typing. Take 15-20 minutes and just call a friend to catch up.

10. Do Your Make-up

Even if you are just sitting at home, there is nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to put on some mascara and lipstick. Just taking the time to do something for yourself will make you feel prettier and more confident. You deserve to feel your best.

Taking the time to take care of yourself is something that moms forget far too easily. Remember that a healthy, happy mama will lead to a happier healthier family! Find 20 minutes and do something for yourself…even if it’s just sitting and scrolling social media in a corner.

Mamas, what are your favorite quick self-care activities?


Moms take care of your families, homes, jobs, and everyone else...but what about ourselves? Here are some self care ideas for busy moms. #selfcare #busymom #momlife

21 thoughts on “10 Self-care Ideas for Mom in Only 20 Minutes

  1. Hi Lexie, takinbg twenty minutes ‘me’ time may seem impossible but you’ve highlighted some fab ideas for getting the most out of twenty minutes. There is certainly something feminine about having nails painted and a walk in the fresh air is a good way of recharging the batteries.

    Thank you for linking up wit the #MMBC.


  2. Thanks for sharing this as I am determined to start putting my needs first more this year but have limited time. I do love going for a walk with my dog, especially if it involves the beach. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

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