25 Things That Are Unexpectedly Hard When You Have a Baby

Being a parent is rough - in some ways that are totally unexpected. Either things that you never would have thought of or that are harder than you imagined with a baby. I’ve probably said it 209890845 time by now – being a parent is hard. Suddenly everything that you do has the added challenge of taking care of another little human while you do it. When you decide to be a parent, you are warned and probably feel ready to accept the responsibility that comes along with having a baby. You can read blog posts, read parenting books, ask other parents, watch movies, do all of the research in the world, but there are somethings that are just unexpectedly hard when you have a baby.

When I say unexpectedly hard, I mean the things that are harder in reality than you thought they would be or things that you never would have thought of that now seem impossible at times.

Here are 25 things that are unexpectedly hard when you have a baby:

  1. Going to the bathroom
  2. Taking a shower
  3. Shaving your legs
  4. Finding a successful morning schedule
  5. Finding a successful bedtime schedule
  6. Succeeding at any schedule
  7. Diaper changes (these are so hard they got their own post!)
  8. Keeping on top of the vacuuming
  9. Wearing clothing not covered in bodily fluids
  10. Wearing clothing not covered in food
  11. Making plans with friends
  12. Not talking too much about your baby
  13. Staying up past 8:00 pm
  14. Not calling your spouse mama or dada
  15. Zipping pajamas on a fighting toddler
  16. Watching a whole episode of anything
  17. Not singing along to your children’s toys
  18. Keeping Cheerios out of the furniture
  19. Knowing what kind of food you just stepped in (well, you hope it was food.)
  20. Finishing a hot cup of coffee
  21. Finishing a hot plate of food
  22. Finishing a conversation
  23. Going out to eat
  24. Leaving any room
  25. Doing most things

Good thing they are cute, right? 😉

Check out 25 Things That Are Easier When You Have a Baby to see the reasons that our little ones are worth is in the end!


Anyone else? What everyday tasks were unexpectedly hard when learning to live with baby?


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62 thoughts on “25 Things That Are Unexpectedly Hard When You Have a Baby

    • I definitely used the bathroom while my son pulled everything out from under the sink this morning… oh the joy. haha.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Having children certainly changes everything – all those little things we used to take for granted like popping to the shops just don’t happen easily anymore. Thank you so much for linking up with us. My apology for the delay in commenting. I hope you can forgive me! xx #FabFridayPost

    • Truth! When they’re little and you can just take them anywhere and snuggle them is way easier than having to amuse them and chase them around. haha.

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