Gifts for Working Mom Under $25

Gift ideas for working mom, affordable gifts for mom, gifts under $25. #workingmom #giftideas #giftsformomI’ve seen a meme going around Facebook that says something to the extent of “it’s hard to buy your mom a Christmas gift when she deserves an island, but all you can afford is a candle.” It makes me chuckle every time. My husband and I are usually on tight budget around the holidays, and it’s hard to pick out a gift for your loved ones when you don’t have much to spend. The truth is that the old sentiment “it’s the thought that counts” really does hold true in most cases. The working moms in your life are likely used to putting in a lot of effort without too much fuss or thanks. It’s just what we do. A little bit of pampering and appreciation will go a long way in showing your love. Here are some great affordable gifts for working moms. In fact, this list has 10 ideas of gifts for working moms under $25.

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Here are some affordable gift ideas:

Coffee Cup

Whether it’s a gift for at work or for that life-sustaining cup of coffee before rushing out the door, any coffee (or tea or other hot beverage) loving mama will always appreciate a new coffee cup. As I was searching coffee cups for mom on Amazon, I found too many cute designs to choose from!


Coffee or Tea

A nice coffee or tea is a great gift to go along with the aforementioned coffee cup or on it’s own. You can go with a known favorite or pick out something new for her to try! A nice sampler is always a good option.

A Nice Planner

If you can spring for it, I ADORE my Inspired Year Planner. It is roomy, pretty, well organized, and will help any mom to keep on track with her goals. I realize that not everyone has $50 to spend on Christmas gifts though, so this one here is available for $13.49 from Amazon.



To be honest, I probably never would have ordered a Glossybox before I worked with them on this review. Now that I have experienced the fun and pampering that comes in one of these pretty little boxes, I think that any lady would love being treated to one.


Cute Work Bag

If you are looking for more ideas, Nicole from The Professional Mom Project, also has a list of Top Gifts for Working Moms.

A Framed Photo for Her Desk


Motivational Desk Calendar

I personally love this “You are a badass” version..but not all offices would be a fan. There’s also the pretty Seize the Day option.

If the mom that you are shopping for is a teacher, I would probably recommend staying away from the badass calendar. Here are some more gift ideas for teacher moms.

Stress Relief Lotion and Body Wash

Or stress relief oil or stress relief candle or stress relief teathese cute motivational stress balls. Maybe even consider putting together a little stress relief gift basket.


An Hour Alone

I’m only half kidding on this one. If you are looking for a great gift that is 100% free, just offer to leave mom alone for a bit. You may even spring for a movie ticket and send her off for some mommy time.


What do you think working mamas? Any other suggestions?

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  1. These are fabulous ideas! My husband has just discovered what an hour alone can do for me and he’s trying to get me one every week. It has helped with my patience, attitude and energy more than anything.

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