Generation Guard Clinical Ear and Forehead Thermometer Review and Giveaway

Having a sick or fussy little one is hard enough! Make it a little easier with this user-friendly ear and forehead thermometer from Generation Guard. Giveaway and discount code included in post. When you have a sick or fussy little one, nothing feels longer than the time that it takes for a thermometer to check his or her temperature. Getting your child to even sit still for that long can be agonizing for you both. Forehead thermometers got a bad rap at first for being inaccurate, but recently it seems that studies are finding them reliable enough for home use. They are definitely the most convenient, and this Clinical Ear and Forehead Thermometer by Generation Guard offers the convenience of a forehead thermometer and ear thermometer in one device.

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The folks over at Generation Guard sent us this Ear and Forehead Thermometer to check out for review. It is a nice design (also a pretty color. Does that matter? haha), and very easy to use. Most importantly when you have a squirming toddler, it only takes one second to get an easy forehead reading. The ear thermometer was also speedy – more time was spent getting Peanut to let me put the probe in his ear than getting the temperature reading.

I compared the Generation Guard thermometer to our “other brand” forehead thermometer and digital thermometer using an axillary (arm pit) reading.

Here are the numbers that I came up with.

Generation Guard Ear Reading: 97.8 deg F

Generation Guard Forehead Reading: 97.2 deg F

Other Forehead Reading: 98.7 deg F

Axillary Reading: 97.7 deg F

Now, I really don’t have anyway of knowing which number was the most accurate, but the Generation Guard thermometer and the digital thermometer readings were all within .6 degrees of each other, so that seems pretty consistent to me.

More important than the type of thermometer that you use is picking one thermometer and method of use and keeping that consistent. You will get a feeling for what your baby’s temperature normally is at and the variance will be a good indicator if something is wrong.

Overall, from the standpoint of a mom, I loved the speed and ease of use that this Generation Guard thermometer offered.

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  1. This looks fab! I’ve entered! I didn’t even know you could get the for forehead and ears, I ‘veonly ever seen the ear ones in the shops near me!


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