Holiday Fashions for Baby, Toddler, and Kids from Born to Love

Born to Love offers baby fashions with a grown-up flair. Perfect for the holidays. #babyfashion #toddlerfashion #holidaystyleI can’t be the only one who loves getting my little guy all dressed up for special occasions! Normally we go with the easy jeans or pants with a onesie and/or hoodie look, so when I have an excuse to dress Peanut up like a little man, I am all about it. Born to Love has a pretty great mix of grown-up fashion with a toddler flair. I teamed up with them to dress Peanut up for Thanksgiving and check out their site. Keep reading for my Born to Love review and some great toddler holiday fashion suggestions.

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My Born to Love Experience

I’m going to be 100% honest with you…my first glimpse into Born to Love was a little bit up and down. At first, I was really excited to partner with the brand because their fashion is really cute and would fit great with Peanut’s style. I was really disappointed to find out that pretty much everything that I wanted was sold out. 🙁 As soon as I got the email that the site had been restocked, I headed over to make sure that I had all the choices that I wanted.

I ended up getting this grey shirt, bow tie, and suspenders for Peanut to wear for Thanksgiving.

I loved all of the pieces and put them all together with a pair of jeans. Getting the suspenders adjusted right was a big old pain on a squirming toddler, but I was able to figure it out and snap a few pic. The problem was that his shirt kept coming untucked. I ended up just ditching the suspenders and untucking his shirt. It was still a really cute look! The only other thing that I didn’t love is that the dress shirt kept splitting open in the middle for his tummy to hang out. It probably would have been much better with one more button lower down.

Overall I was really happy with the outfit, and I personally found my little guy pretty adorable.

Here are a few other cute pieces that may be a nice addition to your toddler’s holiday wardrobe:

Click here to head over to Born to Love and check out their holiday fashions for baby and kids!

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  1. Aww he does look gorgeous doesn’t he! Totally love what you chose. Nice to read an honest review too. Thanks for linking up with us #ablogginggoodtime

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