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Hi, thanks for stopping by Mommy: Home Manager! My name is Lexie and I am a mom, a career professional, and an organization freak. I know exactly how hard it can be to learn to balance a full-time career with full-time parenthood, and my goal with this blog is to help other parents to find balance and organization no matter what their lifestyle is like.

My Career

I have spent almost 10 years working in theatre and event management. In that time I have learned how to manage anything – objects, people, time, money, you name it. When I work as a stage manager, I am responsible for running rehearsals, creating paperwork, and literally “calling the show” for productions. I find that being as prepared as possible in advance really allows me to be as flexible as possible in the moment.

My Home Life

This same philosophy can be applied to managing a home. Just like a stage manager needs to calmly deal with a backstage traffic jam during a scene change, a home manager needs to be able to make a split second decision when baby has a blow-out at the grocery store. Part of the fun of both live performance and parenting is that you never know what could go wrong! Children (like performers) are free-willed people with feelings and plans of their own. They need the right amount of planning, communication, and supervision to succeed.

My Family

I met my husband Kyle in college, and he is my partner is all of life adventures. We got married right
out of college when I was 21, moved to Chicago, worked in the restaurant industry while starting our careers, moved back to Wisconsin to be closer to family, got big kid jobs (he’s an emergency medical dispatcher), bought a house, and now we are on the biggest adventure of our lives – raising our son. We have a wonderful 14-month-old that we call Peanut. He is getting more fun and more mobile everyday. He loves to talk constantly and wants to eat everything. Our cat Zazu is currently his best friend. We are a Christian family that welcomes God into our lives and our home.

My Interests

Most of my personal interests revolve around making sure that my family and I live well. Some of my hobbies include cooking, baking, keeping my home orderly, and staying fit! I really love Pilates and yoga. I am always looking for the best ways to stick to our tight budget. At home and at work, I am a master of all things spreadsheets, color-coding, and efficiency. Also, if you haven’t figured it out already – I love to make lists.

I am happy to share some of my tips and tricks with all of you.

Please take a look around and see what you can learn from my experiences.

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