How Do We Stop the Mom Shaming?

How many moms have felt judged or degraded for a parenting choice? Let's work together to stop the mom shaming. mom-shaming. #momshaming #uniteinmotherhood

The internet has made so many things in our lives easier. We have the ability to communicate and find information in an instant. We can share our lives with not only our loved ones, but with other people (other moms!) that we have something in common with anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, right along with the great resources, we also have the ability to very easily be unkind to people. The topic of mom shaming is one that many people have very strong feelings about. It’s something that we talk about often. It’s something that we are quick to jump on someone for. It’s something that we do all the time. I think we can all agree that it is something that needs to stop. How do we work together to stop mom shaming?  read more

Rebel Pine Coffee Review

Need gift ideas for a coffee lover in your life? Just looking to try some new coffee? Check out Rebel Pine! Great coffee with a great mission. #coffee #coffeelover #coffeeislife Rebel Pine Coffee Review

As a working mom, coffee is a life necessity. I am a black coffee drinker, so I really love trying new coffees to mix up the flavor a little bit. I recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Rebel Pine to try out their variety pack, and I am happy to tell you all about this great coffee from a great company. Plus, I have the inside scoop on their upcoming holiday deals. Keep reading to check out my Rebel Pine Coffee Review.  read more

Gifts for Working Mom Under $25

Gift ideas for working mom, affordable gifts for mom, gifts under $25. #workingmom #giftideas #giftsformom

I’ve seen a meme going around Facebook that says something to the extent of “it’s hard to buy your mom a Christmas gift when she deserves an island, but all you can afford is a candle.” It makes me chuckle every time. My husband and I are usually on tight budget around the holidays, and it’s hard to pick out a gift for your loved ones when you don’t have much to spend. The truth is that the old sentiment “it’s the thought that counts” really does hold true in most cases. The working moms in your life are likely used to putting in a lot of effort without too much fuss or thanks. It’s just what we do. A little bit of pampering and appreciation will go a long way in showing your love. Here are some great affordable gifts for working moms. In fact, this list has 10 ideas of gifts for working moms under $25. read more

How to Pack Your Hospital Bag (Without Overpacking)

Getting ready for baby is exciting and overwhelming! Use this simple hospital bag checklist to make packing for labor ad delivery simple. #laboranddelivery #hospitalbag #pregnancy

I recently saw a blog post from a very cute, very excited first time mama about what to pack in your hospital bag. I showed the list that she wrote out to my husband, and his reply was “is she going on vacation for two weeks before going home?!” The truth is, you really don’t need much with you at the hospital. In fact, packing less means that you will have less stuff to keep track of, potentially leave behind, and lug around the hospital with you. Between taking care of your new addition and family coming and going, your hospital room may start to feel cluttered and chaotic. The last thing that you want to do is add a mess of personal belongings on top of that. Here is a list of what you really need to take to the hospital with you. Hopefully, it will help you to pack your hospital bag without overpacking. read more

The Best Deals on Amazon Subscribe and Save November 2017

Do you know the best way to find deals on diapers, baby supplies, snacks, coffee, and household staples? Amazon Subscribe and Save! Check out the best #deals for November. #savings #diaperdeals #discount

Happy November! It’s a new month, and that means that it’s time to talk about how to save on your household staples with Amazon Subscribe & Save. You can use subscribe and save to find deals on diapers, baby food, snacks, personal care items, coffee, cleaning supplies, and just about any other consumable product that you use within your home. Keep reading to see what is coming in my November order and suggestions for great deals on Amazon subscribe and save for your monthly order. read more

How to Choose a Car Seat

With so many car seat options available, it can be hard to know what to look for. Check out this post to see what you should consider when picking a #carseat. #parenting #safetyfirst #turnattwo #newmom

Priority number one for most parents is the health and safety of our children. We work hard to protect our littles ones and keep them safe at all times. One of the scariest places to be with a newborn baby can be in the car. They are away from you and are being protected by a car seat instead of your loving arms. You want to do everything that you can to make sure that your child is protected and safe in the car. The good news is that all car seats in the US have to meet guidelines and regulations to ensure safety. The bad news is that there are 149098 car seats on the market and you now have to choose which one you want. This post will help with tips on how to choose the best car seat for your little one. read more

#transParenttuesday : A Transparent Look Into Parenthood

We all see enough picture perfect parenting moments on social media. Let’s get transparent for a minute and take a look at the reality of parenthood. #transparenttuesday #everydayparenting #momhumor #momlife

We all see 1000’s of images everyday of cute smiling children, happy families, gorgeous home decor, and everything inbetween. So what about those days that your baby is teething, your family just isn’t happy, every room in your house has been hit by the toddler tornado, and you can’t find a coffee cup that is big enough to handle life? Let’s be real – we all have those days. This post is meant to take a transparent look into the everyday work of parenthood. We all struggle…so why not join together and laugh at each other’s struggles? read more

The Honest Truth About Making Money Online

Have you ever wondered - Do people really make money online? or Can I turn my online business into a job? Check out The Honest Truth About Making Money Online. #workfromhome #wahm #onlinebusiness

I’m sure you have seen Pins on Pinterest “How I Make $5000 per Month with My Mom Blog” or posts from your friends on Facebook “Join My Team Selling Toothpaste to Make an extra $1000 a Month for 10 Hours of Work.”  It sounds good, right? Maybe a little too good to be true? Making money online and working from home really does seem like an ideal situation.  Being able to work online provides time and location freedom that is really appealing to many people, especially busy moms. We can help provide income for our families while we spend time with our children and take care of our homes. We are in a digital age where online commerce is a growing and very attractive job market. Keep reading for the honest truth about making money online. read more

prAna Review & Promo Code: Activewear for Active Moms

Check my honest prAna review and get an exclusive discount code. Great activewear for busy moms! Comfortable, versatile, and sustainable fashion. #mamainprana #momfashion #leggings

Before I became a mom, the term “active wear” sounded like the kind of clothing I would wear to work out. Now that I have a toddler, I would say that we are active all day everyday – playing, cooking, putting all of the pots back in the cabinet, cleaning, running errands, even watching TV now requires chasing after a rambunctious little one. Anything that I wear needs to be comfortable to move around in. At the same time, I don’t want to be sitting around it baggy sweats all the time. I was super excited to be able to team up with Moms Meet to try out prAna’s versatile line of activewear. Check out this prAna review to see what I loved about my pieces and why they are great activewear for active moms. Also, get my exclusive prAna promo code. read more

10 Lessons About Eating That We Can Learn From Baby

As parents, we tend to take care of our babies better than we take care of ourselves! Check out this post for 10 Lessons About Eating That We Can Learn From Baby. Parenting truths. Parenting humor. Healthy eating. Clean eating.

It’s the story of our lives when it comes to parenting – we all want what is best for our babies! Sometimes…most of the time…we are much more careful about the choices that we make for our children than we are about ourselves. We do research, check labels, ask their doctors, take advice, and carefully plan everything that going on, near, or into their little bodies. Maybe we should take a little lesson from them for a change. Here are 10 lessons about eating that we can learn from baby. read more