How Do We Stop the Mom Shaming?

How many moms have felt judged or degraded for a parenting choice? Let's work together to stop the mom shaming. mom-shaming. #momshaming #uniteinmotherhood

The internet has made so many things in our lives easier. We have the ability to communicate and find information in an instant. We can share our lives with not only our loved ones, but with other people (other moms!) that we have something in common with anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, right along with the great resources, we also have the ability to very easily be unkind to people. The topic of mom shaming is one that many people have very strong feelings about. It’s something that we talk about often. It’s something that we are quick to jump on someone for. It’s something that we do all the time. I think we can all agree that it is something that needs to stop. How do we work together to stop mom shaming?  read more