40 Moms Share Their Favorite Baby Registry Must-Haves

Every family has different needs when it comes to baby care, but there are some things you just must have on your baby registry. Here 40 moms share their favorite gift for their newborn.Registering for baby items can be entirely overwhelming! There are way too many items that you can buy for baby, and everyone has a different opinion on what is a want versus what is a need. I suggest customizing your own new baby checklist to keep track of the items that you plan to buy or borrow before baby arrives. As far as knowing what is worth splurging on and what items you can skip, that one will depend on your lifestyle. There are, however,  some must-haves that all mamas tend to agree on. Here 40 moms share their favorite items from their baby registry.

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I love the Boppy Pillow because it helped me so much when I was nursing my daughter. It also came in handy as she got older because I used it as a positioned for tummy time and sitting up!  – Jessica via Facebook

I couldn’t have gotten through night feedings without my Boppy pillow! – Jessie from Her Arms Are Strong

My favorite baby registry item was a poppy pillow. It was such a help when breastfeeding supporting my baby & help me be more comfortable. – @blendedlifehapw via Twitter

Nursing supplies: My best friend (who had already had a baby) gave me nipple cream, a nipple shield, and ice pack inserts for your bra. At the time I thought it was a little odd as a gift, but BOY was I thankful afterwards! – Kay from Tear Free Travel 

Diapers and Clothing

(Note – if you are looking to stock up on diapers before baby is born head on over to this post here.)

Diapers, also things for when the baby gets a little older (6-12 months). Many people buy for the younger baby so it would add a nice mix of useful things for the future. – Jasmine from Do What You Love Mama 

Diapers and wipes : ) – Juli from Mom Always Knows

Diapers for days! I have a 15 month old and we still haven’t had to buy diapers. Ashley from Hampton Roads Moms
(must be nice, Ashley 😛 My diaper stock pile only lasted about 6 months.)

I’m that utilitarian mom who loved getting diapers and wipes. I also got several packs of baby wash cloths and I was surprised at how many uses I found for them outside of just bath time. I carried them with me everywhere! – Jordan from Read Eat Repeat


Burp Clothes! You can not have too many, we ended up using receiving blankets as burp clothes because we had too many of those! – Diana from Before and After Baby

We wanted to cloth diaper but worried about extra laundry with a newborn. We registered for 3 months of a diaper laundry service in our area! Megan from Going Crunchy Not Crazy

I could not live without my Ubbi Diaper Pail, more cost efficient than a Diaper Genie since it uses regular trash bags. – Karen from Mama Bear Says

Since my son had reflux, the cloth diaper inserts were awesome for absorbing the projectile vomit. I cut them smaller and also had some available for seedy newborn poo. We were trying to figure out which wipes he was allergic to so we switched to this fabric instead. – Ruby from BRB Mermaiding 


The Halo swaddler sleep sacks are clutch because I suck at swaddling with blankets. – Amber via Facebook

I absolutely loved receiving the love to dream swaddle.  – Brittany via Facebook


The Munchkin Diaper Bag Dispenser is one of my favorite products I received and I have used so many of the refills. Even though we aren’t in diapers anymore I keep this on me for wet clothes or just an extra trash bag in an emergency. – Rebecca

Everything that came in a bin! I got a few different bins (all very cute and of varying size), stuffed with goodies. Every single bin has been put to good use! – Inez from For the Love of Mom

A cute bottle drying rack. We had bottles all over the kitchen counter and once we finally picked up the drying rack everything was there at my fingertips. Much neater and more organized than having bottles all over the counter. Nicole from The Professional Mom Project

“Furniture” (places for baby to sit, lay, stay, etc.)

Fisher price space saving high chair. It has several recline settings which allowed her to sit at the dinner table with us from a young age which allowed us to actually eat meals together. – Shari from Diary of a SoCal Mama 

A baby nest! We took it everywhere with us and used in our bed for safer co-sleeping, on the couch so our son could be close to us when we watched TV and in the stroller (just for comfort)  – Alice from Awesome Alice

I love the halo bassinet! It swivels any way you want it to go, has breathable sides and allows my baby to sleep right next to me at night, even with a higher bed like mine. It’s pricey but worth it! Yasmine from Gentle Nursery 

My top was a baby swing. – Inanna from Project Life Wellness

My favourite registry item was my baby swing. It allowed me to get things done like cook dinner and even sew a little. – Angela from Craftcore 

This side-car crib is so helpful for getting more sleep. – Jamie via Facebook

We loved our Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper! It was such a life saver when I first got home from the hospital, I could have him right next to me and not have to move around much. I was able to stockpile the pockets with everything that I needed to make our nighttime routine easier. It’s also great for moving around the house (next to the computer while you’re working and baby naps), or staying at hotels/other people’s homes. – Brandi from The Sometimes Glam Wife

Dock a Tot!!! – MaryBeth from Diapers and Diamonds

Carriers, Strollers, and Travel

By far the best item was a good solid baby carrier. One where mom and baby are both comfy. Such a life saver with a clingy baby to free up hands! – Jodi from Of Kids and Cows 

My favorite baby item would have to be my Ergo Baby Carrier! After having two kids and using a cheap brand with my first baby. I learned the importance of having a good quality and properly supportive one with my second! Carrying a baby in a carrier that doesnt support the hips right can have negative growth impacts on your child. – Michelle from PNW Mama Bear

As a stay at home mom, I love any item that allows me to be the most efficient person I can be throughout the day. That’s why I LOVE my Lilliebaby Complete Airflow, Six Position Carrier for running errands, doing chores around the house and exercising/hiking outdoors. – Nancy from Real Time Mom

I would definitely say a baby carrier. It helped me keep baby close and get my normal stuff done. I probably wouldn’t have remained sane without one. – Nikki from April & October

Babywearing items! Being able to get things done (you know, like  apply for a birth certificate) without baby screaming when laid down. – @juliecookies via Twitter

With each of my 4 babies, I could not live without my Snap n Go stroller. Instead of waking up the baby after falling asleep in the car, leave them in their infant car seat and just pop it into the convenient little stroller frame. It is better than a big bulky travel system because it is super light and doesn’t take up your whole trunk! – Caitlin from Real Mom Recs

For me and my husband it was 4 car seats! when you’re expecting twins, purchasing both the infant car seats and the second stage car seats is super expensive. we were so lucky to have family and friends pool together and help get us double of everything. Sharon from The Green Family Project

When we found out we were having twins we realized we needed 5 new seats because otherwise all 7 of us couldn’t fit in the van. So incredibly spendy. But of course they are #s 4&5 so no shower. – Katie


Angelcare monitors – after losing a sister to SIDS I wanted something to give me peace of mind while my babies were sleeping. – Katie from My Joy in Chaos

I would have to say a video monitor was my favorite baby registry item. SIDS scared the crap out of me and being able to not only hear, but see, my son when he was sleeping was so comforting. Definitely saved my sanity!  – Brittany from Raising Richmonds

A video monitor. Helped with my PPA! – @bootsndiamonds via Twitter

My favorite registry item was my SnuggleMe Organic pillow because it allowed everyone in my house to sleep and it’s perfect for travel! – Marcie from Marcie in Mommyland

I would have to say our sound machine. It offers so much from white noise, to lullabies, to visuals on the wall…. we still use it to this day to white out noise from other rooms. White noise has been so helpful with sleep and would definitely tell anyone to put one on their list. – Marrissa from DIYtified

NoseFrida – sounds weird but works miracles when baby has their first cold. – @fullestmom via twitter

Chocolate! – @thefrugalfamily via Twitter


What did we miss, moms and dads? Tell us in the comments.

Every family has different needs when it comes to baby care, but there are some things you just must have on your baby registry. Here 40 moms share their favorite gift for their newborn.

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  1. all of these are things I can definitely agree with. For me I think the Chicco Next to me was the best thing we were given especially as I was an anxious sleeper when Ben was a newborn. Also I agree with the space saver highchair! We have one and it is something that can last until he’s a few years old #globalblogging

  2. I think having a nice roomy, organized diaper bag is also important. Especially with all the poopy explosions and outings.

    • For sure! No one mentioned that one. I think a backpack diaper bag would have been really handy in the summer – I ended up just using a backpack a couple of times. 🙂

    • Baby stuff is fun! Is it worth the sleepless nights though? 😉
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