How Starting a Blog Can Help Your Direct Sales Business

Starting a blog can help your business to stand out in the social media crowd! Check out this post for reasons you should consider starting a blog. #directsales #mlm #networkmarketing #wahm #workfromhome

In an age where anyone can own a business from home, it can be really hard to stand out. You probably have friends who are repeatedly posting pictures of products that they sell on your Facebook feed while no one likes or comments on their posts. In addition, there are 1000’s of pages and groups that many people belong to and have no idea. So how do you get people to not only see, but also pay attention to your business? It’s all about personal branding and connecting with people on a personal level. read more

Sseko Review – Using Fashion for Good Through Direct Sales

Seek offers quality products AND quality opportunities for women in the US and Uganda! #directsales #fashionforward #workfromhome

As you’ve seen from my previous posts, I believe that direct sales companies can be a great thing for moms – and all women. Sskeo Designs is a footwear and accessory company that takes that concept one step further. American founder, Liz Forkin Bohannon, started Sseko with the intention of helping women in Uganda to fund their university educations. Now, Sseko is providing the opportunity for women in the US and Uganda to work together to help themselves move forward through financial freedom. Read on to see my review of the Sseko company, opportunity, and products! read more

The Honest Truth About Making Money Online

Have you ever wondered - Do people really make money online? or Can I turn my online business into a job? Check out The Honest Truth About Making Money Online. #workfromhome #wahm #onlinebusiness

I’m sure you have seen Pins on Pinterest “How I Make $5000 per Month with My Mom Blog” or posts from your friends on Facebook “Join My Team Selling Toothpaste to Make an extra $1000 a Month for 10 Hours of Work.”  It sounds good, right? Maybe a little too good to be true? Making money online and working from home really does seem like an ideal situation.  Being able to work online provides time and location freedom that is really appealing to many people, especially busy moms. We can help provide income for our families while we spend time with our children and take care of our homes. We are in a digital age where online commerce is a growing and very attractive job market. Keep reading for the honest truth about making money online. read more

10 Reasons MLM Companies are Great for Moms

MLM, direct sales, network marketing companies are a great way for moms to make extra income from home. Just why are so many moms jumping on the MLM band wagon?

Social media is definitely changing the way that we all shop, and it seems like multi-level-marketing companies, aka MLM’s, are becoming more popular by the day. These companies allow families to have one parent work from home, watch the children, and still provide an addition to the family income. Some of them do it full time, and some of them are working in addition to another job. read more

10 Great Direct Sales Companies for Moms

Direct sales companies are a great way for moms to make money without taking time away from their homes and families. Hear from 10 moms about their experiences working from home in 10 of the best network marketing companies for moms.

Direct sales, multi-level marketing, and network marketing companies are everywhere right now! It seems like everywhere you turn on social media, one of your friends is trying to sell you something, right? While sometimes these companies get a bad name from the “product pushers” out there, direct sales companies are a great way for moms to make extra income, socialize, and have a job while spending time with their little ones. This post will dig into 10 of the best direct sales companies for moms.
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Why We Decided to Turn Our Love of Wine into a Business (& how you can join us)

Checkout this post to find out why my husband and I decided to start a side business with a direct sales wine company

Update August 2, 2017 – We have now been with this company since May, and are still loving every step of the way. As of yesterday we launched in the UK, and I could not be more thrilled to share this opportunity with our friends internationally! Please keep reading to hear about why we started our business, how it works, and how you can join us. I’d love to talk to you more about it soon. 
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