Grocery Delivery from Amazonfresh (Amazonfresh Review)

Amazonfresh will delivery grocries right to your door for reasonable prices! Check out my Amazonfresh review. #amazonfresh #amazon #deals #momlife When it comes to groceries, our home is on a pretty tight budget. That means that buying quality groceries at a good price is usually more important than the convenience of things like grocery delivery services. I loved using Peapod after my son was born, but the groceries came at a higher price than a trip to the grocery store, so I did not continue to use their service. Recently, Amazonfresh moved into our area, and I saw that they were offering $25 off your first order of $100. You all know that I count on Amazon to deliver great prices on my household staples, so I decided to check out this Amazonfresh service as well. Keep reading for my thoughts and Amazonfresh review.

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What is Amazonfresh?

Amazonfresh is a grocery delivery service. You select a two hour delivery window, shop the Amazonfresh store right on the website, and the groceries are delivered right to your door. I wasn’t able to find a list of which areas Amazonfresh delivers to right now, but you can easily find out by going to Amazonfresh and typing in your zip code.

Learn more about Amazonfresh on the about page here: About Amazonfresh

My Shopping Experience

As I mentioned, there is a promotion going on where you get $25 off your first order of $100 or more. Of course, I wanted to take complete advantage and get exactly $100 worth of products. It took me a while of browsing through to choose what I wanted to buy. I had a few meals in mind that I was able to shop for by searching the items that I needed. After that, there were just so many options and I spent some time digging through for the best deals that I could find.

There are all of the departments that you would normally find in a grocery store including fresh produce, dairy, meat, and frozen foods! Everything that we ordered was of the same quality that I would have chosen myself if I picked up the fruits and vegetables at the store.

The Cost

That $100 worth of groceries went a long way! I was pleasantly surprised by the prices of the items that I shopped through on Amazonfresh. I am usually an Aldi shopper, so the prices were a little higher than I normally pay. Obviously, the price varied based on what you were looking for and what was onside, but overall they pretty much right in line with what I would find at my local grocery store. Amazon did include a $5.00 driver tip, but you can remove or change that amount if you want.

There is a separate membership for Amazonfresh, even for prime members. The membership is $14.99/month which includes free delivery on orders over $50. Your first month is free, so if you’re not sure if it’s worth the cost, you can always check it out.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed using Amazonfresh. I was able to easily order groceries and have them delivered right to my home. It was super convenient and not too costly.
I personally enjoy taking Peanut to the store and browsing the aisles. We have a small family of three, so we only grocery shop once a week or so. Right now, I will probably skip out on the Amazonfresh membership. I will definitely keep it in my back pocket for a month when we have a lot going on and want to pay a tiny bit more for the convenience. This would be a really great tool for family who just had a new baby and wants to skip the grocery store.

What do you think mamas? Are you going to check out Amazonfresh?

Amazonfresh will delivery grocries right to your door for reasonable prices! Check out my Amazonfresh review. #amazonfresh #amazon #deals #momlife

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