The Best Place to See Santa in Milwaukee – Top 5 Santa Spots Ranked by Moms (2018)

I asked local moms to vote on the best place to see Santa in Milwaukee. Here are the top 5 mom favorite Santa Spots. #Santa #Christmas #MKE #MKEMom #MilwaukeeMom

Visiting Santa is a holiday tradition that many families look forward to every year! It can be a fun event for children or a crazy and long process for the whole family. Unfortunately, holiday crowds are a big part of the season, but there are so many places to see Santa that you should be able to find one that will be a fun family outing! Visiting Santa should be a magical experience that your little ones can look back on fondly. I asked local moms to vote on the best place to see Santa in Milwaukee. Here are their choices for the top 5 best Santa spots. read more

thredUP Review – Maternity Edition

Need some new staples for your maternity wardrobe, but don't want to spend a fortune? Shop #secondhandfirst with thredUP! #sponsored #thredup #maternity #pregnant #maternityoutfit

When it comes to baby and maternity clothes, I hate spending money on things that I am only going to use for such a short time! Maternity clothes especially can be really expensive. With both of my pregnancies, I have been fortunate enough to have friends pass on some of their old clothes. Hand-me-downs have seriously been great, and their clothes are always still in great condition. During my first pregnancy, I ended up doing one big shopping trip from an online consignment shop to get the rest of the staples that I needed. Unfortunately, my second baby is going to be born in the exact opposite time of year. I have one September baby and am expecting our next little one to arrive in April. Guess those prized maternity jean shorts won’t come in too handy for this winter pregnancy. Now it’s time for another shopping spree from thredUP! Check out this post to read my thredUP maternity review and see some of my favorite new pieces for fall and the upcoming holiday season. read more

Homemade Orange Spice Cleaner

Are you looking for a natural cleaner for your home's surfaces? Check out this homemade orange spice cleaner recipe! #greencleaning #essentialoils #DIY #vinegar

Cleaning with vinegar is a trick that goes back generations. It’s a simple, inexpensive, natural alternative to many chemicals that we use to clean our homes. Unfortunately, many people don’t really like the smell of vinegar, and it is one that can linger. This homemade orange spice cleaner masks the vinegar smell plus adds in oranges, which are said to have antibacterial properties of their own. Throw in some germ-busting essential oils, and you have a great multipurpose solution that will clean your home’s surfaces and leave behind a nice, pleasant smell behind! Check out my recipe for homemade orange spice cleaner below. read more

8 Moves to Work Your Abs During Pregnancy

Keeping your core strong during pregnancy will help with back pain, waddling, child birth, and recovering after baby is born. Check out these 8 moves to work your abs during pregnancy. #fitpregnancy #pregnancy #pregnant #fitmom #prenatalexercise

Having a happy, healthy pregnancy is every expecting mama’s number one goal, right? Well, I would hope so at least. Many of us are focused on staying in shape through pregnancy with the end goal of getting back into shape quickly after baby is born. The truth is that keeping up your health and fitness during pregnancy will help your pregnancy itself to go more smoothly! Keeping your core strengthened and engaged will prevent (or at least help) back pain, lessen the pregnancy waddle, improve your balance, and help when the time comes to deliver baby. The trouble is that your abs are now shaped differently and need to be worked in different ways. Everyone’s comfort level and exercise style is different, but here are a few suggestions. Keep reading for 8 moves to work your abs during pregnancy. read more

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness: Our Story

Did you know that 15-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage? October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month, and it's time to tell our stories. #pregnancyloss #infantloss #miscarriage

It seems like there’s a national month or day for everything now, doesn’t it? At some point they all start to feel like someone just made them up yesterday. I was surprised to learn that national Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month was started by Ronald Reagan. This topic has been on the verge of making itself known since the 1980’s. Even still, it’s something that we don’t know how to talk about. How do we make something so personal a part of casual conversation? How do we prepare young men and women for such a devastating possibility without taking the joy out of growing their family? It’s a hard concept to normalize because it has so many different meanings to so many different people.  read more

Boudreaux’s Rash Kicking Kit… Because Butt Paste is the Best

Are you looking for a baby shower gift or items to add to your baby registry? Butt Paste is a must for all new parents! #buttpaste #diaperrash #diapercream #diapers

I remember when we were creating our registry for our first son in Target. There are so many products to choose from, and as a new mom, you always want to pick the very best for your kiddo. There was a mom walking by with a 9-month-ish-old little boy. She chuckled and smiled remembering being an expecting parent and creating a baby registry. She stopped and asked “can I give you one tip?” Of course, we said yes because new parents are clueless and advice is (usually) appreciated. She picked up a tube of Butt Paste and said “skip all the other diaper rash creams. You need this one.” read more

14 Ways to Eliminate Single Use Plastics from your Home

Are you looking to save some money and reduce your family's environmental impact? Try cutting down on single use plastics. Eliminate plastic use. Avoid Disposable plastic. Reduce waste. #green #plastic #reducewaste

Have you ever thought about the amount of waste that your home creates on a regular basis? Take that one-step farther, and think about the amount of plastic waste that your family creates. There are so many disposable products that we use everyday, but don’t ever take the time to think about. I try to be conscious about the amount of waste that we create as a family. Not only does cutting down on waste help the environment, it helps to save money. Recently, I have tried to make a conscious effort to reduce our disposable plastic usage. There are so many products that I have easily replaced. Check out this post to see 14 ways that you can eliminate single use plastics from your home without too much effort. read more

25 Super Easy Almond Butter Snack Ideas

Looking for some easy almond butter snack ideas? Check out these 25 great almond butter snack recipes. #snacks #healthysnack #almondbutter

Have you jumped on the big nut butter bandwagon yet? As many people seem to be stumbling across the benefits of a plant-based diet, it seems like nut butters are becoming more and more popular. I know that I am definitely a fan of pretty much any variety – peanut butter, hazelnut spread, and definitely almond butter. The one challenge that I have with nut butters is finding a variety of ways to use them. I tend to stick with fruit, waffles, or smoothies as my three go-to nut butter carriers. I scoured my brain and the internet to find these ## no-fuss ways to use almond butter for your snacking pleasure. See below for some great almond butter snack ideas. read more

14 Perfect Fall Nail Polish Colors

Do you love a nice fall nail polish color? Check out these awesome shades that are perfect for fall! #nailpolish #fallfashion #Avon #bosslife #fallnailpolish

Fall is coming, fall is coming! If you can’t tell, I am a little bit excited. I love the cool dry air, the crunching leaves, and of course fall fashion colors. I love a good, deep nail polish year round, but they seem to be the in thing when fall comes around. Avon has a few really great shades that I am looking forward to trying out this year! Keep scrolling to check out a few of my favorites. There’s still time to order just in time for fall. If you’re new to Avon, or just haven’t created an account yet, you can use code WELCOME10 to get 10% off your first order. read more

How to Start a Household Budget

Starting a budget is the first step to getting your finances in check. Read this post to find out how to start a household budget and get a template to get you started.

Are you one of those people who looks at your bank account a week after payday and thinks “Where did my paycheck go?” Would you like to to cut your spending? Do you want to save money for a vacation or big purchase? The easiest way to make more sense of your financial situation is with a very thorough budget. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to start a household budget. It can be an intimidating idea, but in reality starting a budget for your home doesn’t have to be hard. read more