Your Career Doesn’t Have To Take A Back Seat To Parenthood (Guest Post!)

Which comes first, parenthood or your career? Well, Lindsey from Delicately Balancing life decided not to choose! She is a modern mom, career woman, and loving wife who finds a way to thrive as a working mom. Check out this post to see how and why your career doesn't have to take a backseat to parenthood.

Hello to all of Lexie’s followers and a big thank you to Lexie for having me as a guest blogger! My name is Lindsey and I blog over at I’ve been a wife for 17+ years, but a mom for just six short months! I spent my 20’s and most of my 30’s focused on my career as a law firm administrator, so when my husband and I decided to FINALLY turn our party of two into a family of three, I knew one thing for sure: I wasn’t going to let all I had worked so hard to build fall by the wayside in the name of motherhood. I had built a reputation as a hard working go-getter and there was no way that I was going to be seen as anything less than that just because I was a mom!
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Great Deals on Amazon Subscribe & Save October 2017

How to find big discounts that come with the convenience of delivery. Save on diapers, deals on coffee, buy kcups, cheap snacks, household staples, Amazon subscription service, Amazon mom, Amazon family, subscribe and save, subscribe & save

It’s October already! The leaves are crunching and it’s time to start making Halloween plans! Have you thought about costumes for baby yet? That’s a topic for another post – this post is here to help you learn how to save on your household staples with Amazon Subscribe & Save. You can use subscribe and save to find deals on diapers, baby food, snacks, personal care items, coffee, cleaning supplies, and just about any other consumable product that you use within your home. Keep reading to see what is coming in my October order and suggestions for great deals on Amazon subscribe and save for your monthly order. read more

How to Choose Childcare (with printable childcare worksheet)

Choosing where you little one will spend their days in a big decision. How to choose the best childcare, how to find childcare, childcare worksheet, childcare checklist, how to find daycare, how to find nanny

If you are in a household with two working parents, the biggest decision that you will have to make before returning to work is who will take care of your little one(s). It can be hard to imagine your child spending so much time with anyone but you – especially if he or she is still only weeks to months old! Whether you are going back to work because you want to, or because you can’t make the numbers work to be a stay-at-home-mom, the last thing that you want is to worry about your little one while you are at work. Finding a childcare provider that you can trust will help to ease the mom guilt and anxiety. Let’s talk about how to find childcare. This post will cover the types of childcare available and how to go about finding the right place for your little one to be while you go to work. I’ve included a printable childcare worksheet for you to keep notes when comparing potential childcare providers. read more

The Inspired Year Planner: A Busy Mom’s Best Friend

This Inspired Life Planner is made just to help busy moms stay organized and focused. It's great for scheduling, goal setting, and motivation! Check out this post and enter to win your own.

Being a mom is a full time job! Add an actual full time job, blogging, and a side business on top of that, and you can probably understand the importance of organization in my life. I use a combination of digital and paper note taking to keep my life straight, but there is just something so satisfying about filling out a nice planner. I was really excited to team up with Kathy over at This Cherished Life to check out her Inspired Year Planner. Keep reading to see my thoughts on the planner and enter to win your own. read more

The Birthday Thief Review & Giveaway

The Birthday Thief is the perfect birthday gift for a baby or kid of any age. It is a story personalized just for your little one with their name and birthday included. Checkout my review and giveaway in this post. Wonderbly is a company that offers beautiful customized children's books around the world! Book for baby. Birthday gift for baby. Customized books for kids. Personalized children's books.

This weekend we celebrated Peanut’s first birthday! It is crazy to think about the past year and all that we have gone through as a family. We celebrated with a great weekend full of family, love, and of course cake. 🙂 There were lots of laughs, and plenty of gifts. As parents, it can be hard to decide what to get your kids as gifts. You want something they will enjoy now and something that they will want to keep forever. For Peanut’s very first birthday present, I teamed up with the folks over at Wonderbly (formerly Lost My Name) to create the perfect first birthday gift keepsake that we will enjoy as a family for years to come! Check out this post to read my review of the book and enter to win your own copy. read more

10 Great Gift Ideas for Dad

 Does anyone else find men hard to shop for? Check out this post for 10 great gift ideas for any dad! Gifts dad will love, gifts for dad, gifts for husband, gifts for him, dad gifts

Does anyone else find men really hard to shop for? There are a few go-to gifts for them, but those all tend to be cheesy, lame, or expensive. Now that my husband is a dad, I feel like the pressure is really on to find him awesome gifts. He puts so much of himself into taking care of my son and I that when we get him something special, we want it to be just as great as he is. It doesn’t help that we are usually on a tight budget. This post has 10 great gift ideas for dad that fit any budget. read more

How to Write a Birth Plan (with printable birth plan worksheet)

There are many things to consider as you prepare for labor and delivery. Use this birth plan worksheet to help outline how you want your birth experience to go. Things to consider when writing a birth plan Birth plan worksheet Birth plan template How to write a birth plan Printable birth plan Birth plan outline

We are coming up on my son’s first birthday, and it seems like the last year has flown by in a blur! So much has changed in the last year, and I have learned a lot about myself and being a mom. One of the things that I was thinking about a lot this time last year was my son’s birth – not just his arrival, but the labor and birth itself. I took a birthing class, read plenty of birth stories, and prepared myself for the unexpected. You cannot plan how your labor and delivery will go entirely, but there are a lot of things that you can decide. Having a plan will help keep you calm and keep things going smoothly. Read on to learn about how to write a birth plan and download a printable birth plan worksheet. read more

The Cutest Halloween Costumes for Baby Under $30

Finding an adorable baby Halloween costume idea doesn't have to cost a fortune. Check out these great options available for under $30. Affordable baby costumes. Budget baby costumes. Baby Halloween costume ideas. Halloween costumes for baby.

Halloween is slowly sneaking up on us, and it is time to start thinking about costumes! It seems to silly to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a costume that your little one will wear for an hour before it is covered in spit up, poop, food, or all of the above. At the same time, they are just so darn cute! Sometimes it is best to opt for something that is both cute and reasonably priced. Here are some of the best affordable baby costumes for baby on Amazon. There are options to meet any budget. read more

Great Deals on Amazon Subscribe and Save September 2017

Amazon Subscribe and Save is a great way to save and find deals on diapers, snacks, coffee, personal care, and household items! Check out the best discounts available for delivery in September.

Happy September! It’s pretty much officially fall now, right? Are you an apple or pumpkin lover? 🙂 Either way, it’s a great month to learn how to save on your household staples with Amazon Subscribe & Save. You can use subscribe and save to find deals on diapers, baby food, snacks, personal care items, coffee, cleaning supplies, and just about any other consumable product that you use within your home. Keep reading to see what is coming in my September order and suggestions for great deals for your monthly order. read more

Fall Apple Recipes

Fall is apple season! Looking for ideas what to cook or bake with all of those apples? Apple chip recipe, apple bread recipe, apple cake recipe, apple cider recipe, and other apple recipes!

Fall is a very special, very fun time for our family! It is most definitely my husband’s favorite season, and I have come to love it as well. We get outside as much as we can before winter comes, and we always make it out to pick pumpkins and apples. Even last year, when we had a three week old baby, my husband and I broke out the stroller and make the trek through the orchard to bring home a whole box full of apples. We were definitely on the hunt for apple recipes to use them all up! read more